f r a m e s

A wedding classic, also a great piece of art for your home.

Our framed art is handmade in the studio, digitalized and printed in high resolution.

The result of this process is very similar to the actual chalk art, having the advantage that can be cleaned and it is much more resistant.

The final product can be mailed in a special package or picked up in person in Rio de Janeiro or Lisbon.

Freight cost is calculated according to your location. To request a complete quote, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page.


Free Style

Size 40x60cm*
Delivered in 3 weeks
No draft:
The final art is delivered straight to you. The final art is sent straight to you. It’s like a tasting menu, at the discretion of the chef 🙂 And from our experience, customers ALWAYS like it..

€190 + frame cost


My way

Size 40x60cm*
Delivered in 1 weeks
No draft:
We will send you an email with a draft for approval before we do the final piece, you can request one round of changes.

€290 + frame cost

Attention: We currently work only with 40x60cm size for pieces that will be shipped because it allows a good execution of the details and it is safer to deliver.

Plain wood

White Classic


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Madeira Crua (+R$100)Clássica Branca (+R$150)Clássica (+R$200)

Is there any examples of similar ar you like? If so, please past the links below: