s o c i a l

Social media is probably THE most important thing on your marketing strategy.

But social media is hard to catch up, not only because is changing everyday, but because you NEED to be there every day.

Our work with social media is help business do be present, but wisely. Focus effords on the right channels, with the right message.

Here are some things we can do for you.

Photography & Video content

Our biggest asset working with social media content is that we can do the whole process in-house. We take great shots (check our Instagram) and shot and edit great videos (Check our Youtube Channel). With this skills, and close contact with our clients, we are able to reach the speed that social media needs.

Social Media Strategy

No content is good with the wrong strategy. Before start posting some random images on your Facebook page, we develop a strategy, aligned not only with your objectives, but also with social media trends.

Influencers Management

Social media influencers can be a great asset for your brand. Our work here includes recognition of people related to your brand, contacting them and creating ideias that they can work on.

Facebook Business

Customers want to be listened and brands need to talk WITH them, not TO them. Branding conversation is offering quick responses on social media channels, not AI, real people, aligned with brand personas, talking to your customers. We work together with copywriters and journalists that can be your voice on social media.

Interested? Please email us at hello@estudioamor.com