d e s i g n

Design is
our essence.
It’s on everything
we do.


We both evolved and developed specific skills over the years, but having roots in design always helped us be better at what we do.


Branding is a very broad concept. Everything related to communication is “branding”, even sounds and smells. Our approach to branding can be creating a brand from scratch or recreating a visual identity. The common aspect is looking at it from a broader perspective, considering the ecosystem in which the company is. Maybe you just need a logo for your new project, or maybe your business needs a refresh. We can help you.


Websites are now something like a starting point to business’s identity. Sometimes we use the creation of a website as the first step to all communication. It’s where we structure our content and set the mood and visuals that will spread through all other channels. We are not developers, but we have mastered WordPress themes, and we’ve also got some friends that eat code for breakfast every morning and they work with us when needed.


That’s where we grew up. We’ve been working with advertising agencies for years and advertising is something that we can sometimes include on our branding strategy. We know when to call the big guys, but if your campaign is more design-related or you’re looking for a boutique-alternative-out-of-the-box approach, we definitely can help you with that.


WE-LOVE-PACKAGING. We love creating tactile things. Packaging is the ultimate communication with the consumer, it’s what they touch, they hold. If you’ve got a packaging job for us, you’ll make us happy.

Interested? Please email us at [email protected]