Walls and large scale panels

w h a t   i s   i t ?

Currently our work on large walls and panels is done manually in the studio, then digitalized, and printed in high definition.

It’s a new kind of “chalk” work, visually very similar to visual to chalk, but at a much lower cost than on-site creations, yet with the advantage that the print lasts forever, it’s more resistant than real chalk and can be cleaned.

We have partnerships with printing bureaus in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and Lisbon. For customers in other cities we help you find a supplier and we will take care of entire process of sending the file to print.

How much it cost?

€600 + €25/m2

A wall of 4m2 would cost
€600 + 4 x (€25) = €700

These values ​​are just an estimate. Factors such as the amount of text, colors, presence, and complexity of illustrations can change final cost up or down.

Printing cost
The cost of printing varies according to your city and the size of the artwork, but it is approximately €20 per square meter.
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